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Meet the team


Masum Ahmed

Masum Ahmed

Tax Partner

Mark Grady at McBrides

Mark Grady

Corporate Finance Partner

Tanya Hamilton at McBrides

Tanya Hamilton

Managing Partner

Nigel Kimber at McBrides

Nigel Kimber

Corporate Finance Partner

Andrew Warren at McBrides

Andrew Warren

Audit & Assurance Partner

Senior Team

Hannah Adams - Manager, Outsourced Business Services at McBrides Chartered Accountants

Hannah Adams

Outsourced Business Services Director

Sarah Adams at McBrides

Sarah Adams

Outsourced Business Services Manager

Rashed Ali at McBrides

Rashed Ali

Audit & Assurance Manager

Charles Antwi at McBrides

Charles Antwi

Audit & Assurance Senior Manager

Darshika Baleswaran at McBrides

Darshika Baleswaran

Tax Team Leader

Lorraine Boichat at McBrides

Lorraine Boichat

Practice Manager

Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke

Marketing Executive

Shirley Caddock at McBrides

Shirley Caddock

Client Onboarding and Data Officer

Tracey Courtley at McBrides

Tracey Courtley

Payroll Services Director

Maddie Dec

Maddie Dec

Outsourced Business Services Team Leader

Andy Fuller at McBrides

Andrew Fuller

Outsourced Business Services Senior Manager

Lauren Gleaves at McBrides

Lauren Gleaves

Payroll Services Team Leader

Anthony Hawkins at McBrides

Anthony Hawkins

Corporate Finance Director

Karen Jones at McBrides

Karen Jones

Practice Accountant

Nigel Ling at McBrides

Nigel Ling

Audit & Assurance Director

Nick Luck

Nick Luck

Tax Team Leader

Phil Manuel at McBrides

Phil Manuel

Business Tax Adviser

Andy Martin at McBrides

Andy Martin

IT Manager

Claire Moloney at McBrides

Claire Moloney

HR Manager

Darren Peeling at McBrides

Darren Peeling

Senior Compliance Officer

Matt Reid business tax director at McBrides Accountants

Matt Reid

Business Tax Director

Clare Rice at McBrides

Clare Rice

Marketing Manager

Maheen Soomro

Tax Team Leader

Nicola Thorne at McBrides

Nicola Thorne

Company Secretarial Assistant

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Katrina Wells

Outsourced Business Services Manager

McBrides Chartered Accountants