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Ian Bye has more than 20 years’ experience of managing mental health, both personally and as an organisational leader. In November 2022, he founded Emocien, a platform designed to help people better manage their mental health.

The idea for his start-up business came when he was researching for his book, ‘How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace’, which was published in 2020 and gave guidance to organisational leaders about how to support the mental health of colleagues.

Nearing retirement with some capital behind him and wanting to try to make a difference to people’s lives, Ian took the plunge in March 2023 and started designing Emocien’s technology platform. Eight months later he founded the business commissioning legal work to establish and protect the business and securing trademark protection.

Ian’s lived experience of mental health, his business acumen gleaned from managing large-scale workforces, digitising the workplace, and understanding how to capture and use data, gave him the confidence to pursue his vision for the business.

Emocien aims to help everyone everywhere manage their mental health more effectively. With 100 million people on mental health medication across the USA, EU and UK, Emocien has a large target market. And with no direct competitors, Emocien believes it is a true first-mover.

After conducting competitor research to identify market gaps, Ian found that mental health support, such as medication reviews and therapy sessions, generally operated on conversations alone, with little to no use of data and analytics. He saw an opportunity to bring a data-driven approach to mental health management and consolidate disparate information sources into one easy-to-find, easy-to-use online resource centre. This makes it far easier for people to find information about their mental health issue and manage it.

Additionally, Ian identified that people with a specific mental health issue wanted to find and join an online community for people facing similar challenges as them.
As a data platform, Emocien is independent of all forms of therapeutic and management intervention. It is a complement to diagnostic techniques, medication and therapy and adds to occupational health programmes, employee assistance programmes, and employee engagement surveys.

At its core, Emocien is a software and data business, which provides a technology platform for logging, analysing and reporting mental health. At its heart, the platform aims to empower people with mental health issues to have their clinical appointments focused on care giving rather than having to give detailed case histories each time.
People will start to see Emocien early in summer through Google and social media advertising.

McBrides partner Mark Grady has known Ian for over 20 years, first providing services to a business Ian led back in 2001. Mark commented: “We wish Ian every success with Emocien as it will provide those with mental health needs an important solution for supporting their care journey.” 

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