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Personal tax

Our personal tax advisers offer a comprehensive range of services to help individuals effectively manage their personal tax obligations. We ensure you receive the best service and expert advice, enabling you to optimise your tax situation and minimise the amount of tax you pay.

We advise on solutions focused on preserving and growing your wealth and safeguarding your financial future by identifying opportunities for tax efficient investments and asset protection.

Personal compliance and planning

Complying with tax legislation is essential, and our team will handle all communications with HMRC, ensuring you meet your tax obligations.

By discussing your plans and developments in your personal or business life with us, we can provide more effective tax planning that considers the broader context and the interaction of relevant taxes.

Self-assessment (tax returns)

Meeting self-assessment deadlines and fulfilling tax obligations can be daunting, but we take pride in helping you stay on track.

By providing your information in a timely manner, we can assist you in completing your tax return and minimise your tax payments.

Unlike the common belief that self-assessment happens in December and January, we begin the process shortly after the new tax year commences to help you plan your cashflow or receive repayment early.

With a thorough review of your tax affairs, we not only complete your tax return for you but advise on your tax bill helping you plan for the upcoming year.

Expatriate tax services

The tax implications of moving to the UK can be overwhelming. Whether you are returning as an ex-pat, relocating for work, or deciding to permanently move to the UK, we can support you with comprehensive tax advice.

Our services include pre-arrival tax planning, which focuses on how to best structure your tax affairs efficiently prior to arriving in the UK. We are happy to work alongside your existing advisers to help you transition seamlessly into your new life. This can include – but is not limited to – the statutory residence test, developing a domicile plan, helping with HMRC compliance obligations, and general tax advice outlining how your move could impact existing assets, and offshore investments.

Should you decide to leave the UK, we can also advise on tax efficient ways to return to your preferred location.

Non-domiciled individuals

Our team specialises in providing tax advice to non-domiciled individuals in the UK. We can advise you on favourable tax rules available to non-domiciled individuals while ensuring compliance with all relevant UK regulations.

Our team will analyse your residence and domicile status to determine your UK tax obligations accurately, ensuring compliance with complex residency rules.

We help you navigate the intricacies of remittance basis taxation, ensuring tax-efficient (sometimes tax-free) repatriation of funds to the UK, avoiding unnecessary tax burdens.

Our experts advise on tax efficient investment structures that suit your financial goals while considering the impact of global tax regulations.

We also specialise in inheritance tax planning for non-domiciled individuals and can help you to minimise potential tax liabilities on your global assets.

Inheritance tax planning

Planning is essential where inheritance tax is concerned. Our experienced team, which includes members of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP), can advise on ways to mitigate inheritance tax on personal wealth, family businesses and investment portfolios.

We have considerable experience in structuring comprehensive plans that cater to your specific needs and objectives. Our work includes exploring planning opportunities, ensuring your beneficiaries are due to receive the maximum value from your estate and putting together bespoke planning strategies that align with your unique long-term goals.

We can also guide you through the complex legal and administrative processes, streamlining the administration of your estate to ease the burden for your family.

HMRC investigations support

Tax investigations can be intimidating, costly and sometimes impact reputation so it is best to seek expert advice promptly.

Over the years, we have dealt with many clients experiencing different types of tax investigations, ranging from income and corporation tax through to PAYE and VAT. We specialise in resolving these matters with HMRC, taking responsibility for all communications with them, and rigorously negotiating your position to obtain the best settlement possible.

We also offer clients an Enquiry Protection Service to cover the costs of defending you if HMRC decides to scrutinise your tax affairs.

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